Where to Find Danboards: Your Ultimate Guide

By Christopher Tan   |   August 16, 2023

Danbo merchandise in Kotobukiya Akihabara before 2020

If you are a fan of adorable and quirky collectibles, chances are you have come across Danboard, the lovable cardboard robot character from the manga "Yotsuba&!" created by Kiyohiko Azuma. Danbo has captured the hearts of toy photography enthusiasts around the world, but these days, trying to find Danboards to add to your collection is getting harder by the day, as no new Danboards have been released for years. In this comprehensive guide, we will give you some guidance and tips to make your Danboard hunting a success!



Carousell: Your Local Treasure Trove

Carousell is a popular localised online market place available in a bunch of countries, mostly in Asia. This platform allows anyone to list items for sale, making it an excellent place to find both new and pre-loved Danbo figures. You can search for listings in your local area, potentially avoiding hefty shipping fees and enjoying the convenience of a face-to-face transaction. If Carousell is available in your country, this is probably your first stop. You might be able to find other similar platforms in your country if there is no Carousell.



Mandarake: Japan's Hidden Gem

Mandarake is a treasure trove for anime, manga, and collectible enthusiasts. This Japanese pre-owned toys retailer have many physical stores and an online shop that boasts an extensive selection of mostly used Danbo figures. Most of the Danboards here are fairly reasonably priced, except for some really rare ones. They ship internationally and the “Air SP” method is actually quite affordable, if you buy a few items at once. In addition, Mandarake does an excellent job of packing the items such that they are very well protected and I have never had any issues with damaged items.


Tip: The one thing to note is that Mandrake has many physical stores, but they list items from all their stores online. When you check out, you need to do it per store, as each store has to ship separately. So, it is best to get as many items as possible from a single store in order to save on shipping fees. Also, if you see there are a few of the same type of Danbo in Mandarake with different prices, the cheaper ones may have some minor scratches or box damage, etc. From experience, Mandarake items are usually in quite good condition.


Mandarake Online Store

eBay: Global Marketplace for Collectibles

eBay is a well-known international marketplace where collectors from around the world converge to buy and sell unique items, including Danbo figures. With its vast selection and worldwide shipping options, eBay is a go-to platform for those seeking rare or international versions of Danbo. You can definitely find many Danboards here, but unfortunately, their prices are usually highly inflated.  Personally, this would be my last choice, unless I just happen to come across a reasonably priced deal.


Tip: If you add the items you like to your watchlist, you might get discounted offer from the seller.



Online Forums and Communities: Connecting with Fellow Toy Enthusiasts

Participating in online forums, social media groups, or dedicated collector communities can yield valuable leads on where to find Danboards. Fellow enthusiasts may share tips on good deals, rare finds, or trustworthy sellers, helping you navigate the world of Danboard collecting with ease. You might also find groups/communities that allows selling, and score some Danboards there. 


Tip: You can start by searching for Facebook groups for toy collectors. There are probably some local ones for your country. We also have a Danboard Museum Cafe Facebook group. It is still fairly empty since it is still very new, but you can join in and help build our community.



Hunting in Japan

If you happen to travel to Japan, you can try searching for Danboard in stores like Mandarake. They have many stores across Japan in major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, etc. There are also many other toy stores in Nakano Broadway and Akihabara if you are in Tokyo, or Den Den Town if you are in Osaka. Kotobukiya used to sell a lot of Danboards, but in my recent trip during spring 2023, there were no Danboards at all, as there has not been any new Danboard releases for a long time. Kaiyodo store in RadioKaikan Akihabara might still have some old stock, but don’t get your hopes up.


Toy Stores in Nakano Broadway

Beware of Fakes

When buying online, especially from sellers outside of Japan, please be extra cautious. There are fake Danboards, and they can be hard to differentiate from the original items. If you see someone selling it at a ridiculously low price, that is a pretty clear red flag that it is fake. Try to ask the seller for more photos that show the item and its packaging up close, and compare them to photos of the original item that you find in our photo galleries. Revoltech Danboard mini boxes with tape sealing the top of the box is one common way to tell it is fake. The original items use glue to seal the box.The fakes might also show some imperfections in the paint job. Some of the commonly available fake Danboards are the Danboard mini Calbee, Pepsi, Tamiya, JA Ehime, Amazon and apparently, the black colour Eva Seele as well. 


Mandarake in Nakano Broadway

Fake Danboard mini box

Finding Danboard figures to add to your collection can be an exciting journey that can lead you to various online marketplaces, specialty stores, and collector communities. With a bit of research and exploration, you will be well on your way to expanding your Danboard collection and immersing yourself in the delightful world of cardboard robot charm. Happy hunting!




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