About Me

Hey there, I am Christopher Tan, a photographer and designer from Malaysia. About 12 years ago, I got my hands on my very first Danboard, and since then, I have been obsessed with collecting more of these adorable figures whenever I visit Japan. It has become a yearly tradition for me to go on a hunt for new Danboards during my trips. I usually find them in places like Kotobukiya, Mandarake and Radio Kaikan in Akihabara. Sometimes, I even stumble upon cool Danboards in gashapon machines!


Over the years, my collection has grown to include over 200 Danboards of all colours and sizes. It has been quite a journey! But I did not want these little guys to fade into manga history, so I decided to create this “museum”. It is a place where I can showcase my entire collection and provide a reference for all the Danboard fans out there. Plus, maybe it will help me track down the missing Danboards I still need to complete my collection!


I hope you find this site useful and may Danbo bring daily cuteness to your life! ^^ 


Disclaimer: This site is an unofficial fan site and is not in any way affiliated with the creator of Danboard. Copyrights of Danboard belongs to Kiyohiko Azuma.

Photos of Christopher Tan and Danboard

About Danboard

Cover of Yotsuba&! Volume 5

Danboard, also known as Danbo, is a fictional character from the manga series "Yotsuba&!" created by Kiyohiko Azuma. Danboard is a robot costume made out of cardboard boxes. It is shaped like a human with a rectangular head and body, and it has movable arms and legs. The character first appeared in the manga in 2006 and quickly gained popularity due to its cute design.


In reality, Danbo is Miura Hasayaka, a friend of the protagonist Yotsuba’s neighbor Ena, inside of the Danboard costume made of cardboard. Miura created the costume as a school project in volume 5 of the series. 5-year-old Yotsuba is convinced it is a real robot.

Outside of the manga series, Danboard has become an icon in photography for several reasons. Its simplistic design and expressive eyes make it visually appealing and endearing to many people. Moreover, Danboard's small size and portability make it easy to carry around and place in different settings, allowing for creative and imaginative photography. People enjoy capturing Danboard in various poses, situations, and environments, often using everyday objects as props to create whimsical and charming scenes.


Furthermore, Danboard has gained a significant presence in pop culture and social media, with numerous fan communities and hashtags dedicated to sharing Danboard photographs. This exposure has helped generate a sense of community among photographers and enthusiasts, fostering a shared love for this lovable character.